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24/7 Access: Hype or Hit?



A common question  from gym owners  is; “Is this 24/7 thing hype or a hit?”. We understand that gym owners are being flooded with ads for processes and systems that make promises to bring hundreds of new members and thousands in new revenue. #HybridAF is not one of these overnight guru’s promising you crazy results. If the “guru” way was  that  attainable every gym owner would be rolling in dough, instead they are looking for strategic directions to continue to build their revenue base.

After being in business for over 3 years and helping 120+ gym owners in 4 countries we have the metrics and feedback to substantiate what we talk about. All gym owners have the same goal in wanting to increase revenue but, there is always a side story  of what is  genuinely important to them. Instead of taking our word for it we asked some of our gym owners to give us feedback on what has been the game changers for them since starting to offer 24/7 access with us and here is what they had to say:  

“Our members are loving having 24 hr access, especially during the odd hours of the day. This is another way we differentiate from other gyms in the area. Hybrid has built more value into our memberships, giving members more options. Holidays, and request for open gym on Sunday no longer present a problem. We allow our members to add it to a membership at any time.” 

Scott Panchik, Owner of CrossFit Mentality

“I am so grateful for such an easy, painlessprogram and app for my members to access Platform Strength whenever they want. The team at Hybrid is incredible! They answered all my questions, made sure we were taken care of, and even helped make the app exactly what we were looking for. 5 out of 5!!!

Emily Norine, Owner of Platform Strength

“Partnering with HybridAF was a no brainer when it came to a business value add. Since joining the network we have nearly doubled our average monthly client spend through custom one on one programming. This program has been so successful we recently expanded to a second locationthat will be a Hybrid only access for those specific clients. None of that would have been possible without the support / integration of the Hybrid team.” 

Greg Buck, Owner of CrossFit Arioch   

“I own Alpine CrossFit and we partner with hybrid because their services align perfectly with why we exist as a gym. We exist to provide everyone on Colorado’s Front Range the resources necessary to achieve the fullest expressions of themselves, help those around them, and send positive ripples throughout the world. With 24/7 access are members will never again be restricted to pursue their wellness. That’s big time. Thanks for offering us a needed service! You guys are the best.” 

Annie Brunner, Owner of Alpine CrossFit

``I can’t say enough about how great the flexibility of #HybridAF is! I work two jobs and to be able to workout near work if I am in a pinch has been amazing. It’s best of every kind of gym.`` - Eilze

``Working as a nurse I can’t always make class times so being able to use the gym 24/7 has added so much value to my membership!`` - Kimberly

``Best thing since slice bread, when I wasn't on paleo.`` - Ted

So, if you are looking for a PROVEN way to INCREASE REVENUE, REDUCE STAFF COSTS, ATTRACT AND RETAIN MEMBERS then setup a call with us. We know you have questions and we can work with you on how to move past the question of Hype and help you with your next Hit in the gym.

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